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DIY Window Shutters and Blinds

Being a person who likes to avoid making assumptions, for starters, let me first make sure you know what the title even means here! DIY is for Do It Yourself.  You do an internet search for DIY, and you are going to find so much reading material, you’ll be at it for months trying and buying things to help you do things yourself in whatever area you are trying to do all by yourself. Funny concept – getting lots of help to do it yourself… anyway!

But is it all it is cracked up to be? By all means, it can be, but it depends on your MOTIVATION to DIY, and your expected OUTCOME.  Most of the time, in my observation, people want to pursue doing things themselves in order to save money. After all, you have the product you are needing, the experience and time of the service technician involved, and if you’ve already got some tools on hand, what’s to keep you from doing it yourself?

Sometimes, though, as in the case with something like window shutters, it may not necessarily be the best solution! Why? Because cheaper does not always mean less expensive! Quality of workmanship, for example, as we all know, contributes a significant amount to the lifetime of the products we use. When we go to purchase something that is not in our area of expertise, it is difficult for us to find the superior quality that leads to a product that will last in our home for years. The men and women at Lowe’s or Home Depot, for example, may know quite a bit about their area of responsibility, but is it their passion? Are they receiving a higher commission or some sort of spif if they sell one product over another? And, worse yet, are they really able to help you find what will fit your home best?

You, however, are the fortunate one, and the person you connect with at the hardware superstore is an absolute guru on all things blinds and shutters, and he or she helps you choose excellent shutters. They even go the extra mile and help you really choose the best look and feel based on your home, paint, personal likes, etc. That is awesome. But then the question remains, are you really getting the best deal? By all means, get a quote and check it out, but then get in touch with a contractor who can often get your window treatments and the installation for much less than you would initially imagine.

But, let’s say that you do find good quality workmanship that will last for 30 years, and the price is right.. How much time, then, are you going to spend working to prepare the windows, fit the blinds or shutters to your windows, hang them correctly, etc.? How much is your time worth?

So, yes, while DIY certainly does have its advantages at times when you are fixing a broken toilet handle or doorknob, it is not always the best  choice, nor the best way to save money when it comes to areas where a contractor who specializes in these areas can do much more in much less time and make it look better than we could.

Just some thoughts on the topic for your consideration!